ScraPerfect Blog Post – Nov 16th 2013

Travel Albums

 Hello All
It’s Glen here and I’d like to share two new projects I’m working on today.  Both are travel albums that I’m making using the products from ScraPerfect.

The Best Indeed!
I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere the watercolor paper to the cover of the fist album, then after detail cutting the palm trees used it again to add that to the front cover of the second. It was so easy to work with  on the fine points of the palm tree and even where it squeezed out I just wiped it away and it was clean!

road trip album

The coolest thing was when I did the lettering, it used to be a drag for me to place letters and I hated doing the best part of many projects which is the words. But with my trusty Embellie Gellie all I had to do was pick em up and put them down. Gone were the wasted minutes spent painstakingly putting letters on and taking them off again or nudging them in place over and over again!
The importance of good tools and materials.
Embellie Gellie Rules!

So here are the finished covers of my albums, as you can see I added more detail to the both albums using the amazing Best Glue Ever and the versatile Embellie Gellie both are affordable and available online, so just follow the links and come back soon to see more projects and techniques.

Thanks for stopping by and check out the others on the team as well.
Regards Glen


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