Chateau Serving Tray – Nov 26th 2013

 Hello Fellow Artists
 It’s Glen here to show you some great ways to use the Best Glue Ever and make crackin good projects with found objects and garage sale finds. I found a wooden serving tray at a thrift store and decided to use it as a base for some altering. I start by using the Best Glue Ever to make a joint repair, you can see clearly how the No-Clog Writing Cap makes getting into a tight place easy.

Easy Repairs  

 So after sanding down the whole piece to remove dust, dirt and splinters I pick up the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and apply some of the Best Cleaner Ever

Two Must Haves

and wipe down the entire piece, it’s amazing how well these products work together.

Then I take out my ruler and start measuring for the papers I’ve decided to use for the project, I have to allow for the angled opening and decide to use my Embellie Gellie stick to drop a line as it were to get a measurement.

When in need improvise.    

Here then is the project about half done, I still have to add papers inside and out edges and something for the base to make it cushioned and finished.

 The products I used are all available from the website and would make an excellent gift for the crafters in your life. Till next time check out the other projects made by the design team members and see you soon.
 Creatively Glen


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