Christmas Decor Jan 18th 2014

Christmas Decor

Hello Everyone
It’s Glen here with a fantastic new project I made using ScraPerfect products.
Just a drop
The Best Glue Ever, the No-Clog Writing Tip and the Perfect Crafting Pouch are the stars of this show!
The backdrop
Sneaking Under
A secret banner
The No-Clog Writing Cap placed
on the Best Glue Ever makes this precise placement possible!




Then I decided I didn’t like the vintage film over Santa.I carefully removed the film without tearing the paper.The Best Glue Ever is strong but also pliable so it was easy to fix the problem!

See how easily I can remove the film by using glue sparingly.
Liking this more and the Perfect Crafting Pouch helps clean up!
The finished piece

Enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by today!
Be sure to check out the other posts and also the ScraPerfect home page and start using these amazing products yourself!


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