Recollections Photo Box-Part 1

Hi Folks
This is Glen here with an exciting new project which will take a few posts to get to the reveal but it will be worth it in my opinion. This is the second photo box I’m making, the first being a Christmas box I did before I was a member of this team.

Thin line of glue is all you need.

I am using the Best Glue Ever to adhere paper elements to my project, having already adhered the large pieces of paper to the lid and sides a long time ago I have the fun now of inking and detailing. Which is also the best part of any project.

Best Glue Indeed!

I fussy cut the old camera and glue it to another paper to give the back some interest as well. Why? you ask. I could tell you but that would spoil the post

This is another great use for Embellie Gellie!


I continue using the Best Glue Ever to add more elements to my box and the No-Clog Writing Cap is the key to great and easy work.

Stay tuned for more pics and follow the progress of this project in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by and check out the others work on this blog.



Embossed French Card

It’s Glen here to show you a quick and easy card I made using products from ScraPerfect!

First I took a piece of card stock that I had embossed previously. It’s sometimes good to just spend an evening just using folders and randomly making elements for future use.

I ink up a piece of background paper and put it on my card using the Best Glue Ever and then I am ready to place my embossed piece.

You can see how I practically draw the glue lines on the paper.

The ease of using Best Glue Ever with the No-Clog Writing Cap cannot be overstated, it allows you to precisely place glue and write with it in a very fine script which is awesome!

Here is the finished card which I have hand colored with blending tool and pens to accentuate the embossed details and it’s been photographed inside the lid of my other project, a nice photo storage box that will appear in my next post! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the other posts on this blog for great work and inspiration.


Christmas Decor Jan 18th 2014

Christmas Decor

Hello Everyone
It’s Glen here with a fantastic new project I made using ScraPerfect products.
Just a drop
The Best Glue Ever, the No-Clog Writing Tip and the Perfect Crafting Pouch are the stars of this show!
The backdrop
Sneaking Under
A secret banner
The No-Clog Writing Cap placed
on the Best Glue Ever makes this precise placement possible!




Then I decided I didn’t like the vintage film over Santa.I carefully removed the film without tearing the paper.The Best Glue Ever is strong but also pliable so it was easy to fix the problem!

See how easily I can remove the film by using glue sparingly.
Liking this more and the Perfect Crafting Pouch helps clean up!
The finished piece

Enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by today!
Be sure to check out the other posts and also the ScraPerfect home page and start using these amazing products yourself!

Easy Ornaments Jan 18th 2014

Snowman Chipboard Ornament and Paper Star

 Hello Everyone it’s Glen and on this snowy night in New York I finished my snowman ornament and paper star. Yes of course I used The Best Glue Ever to assemble my project.

A little dab will do.  

Five easy pieces.  

You can see how little you need to put it together and that makes it very economical for your work.

Piece together the painted parts.  

Simple and fun!  

  Thanks for stopping by and stop by the store and check out all the fantastic products ScraPerfect has to offer.

    Bye for now but make sure you check out the other projects on this blog

Embellie Gellie Saves The World – Dec 29Th 2013


Embellie Gellie Saves The World!


Greetings All
It’s Glen here with a short but sweet post about the never ending uses for ScraPerfect products. I was working on a Christmas Panel and was going to use my large letter set for the first time.

Cool set and cheap too!

The only problem is my man hands are too big to get the letters out of the hard plastic box. I struggled for a minute or two and then looking around for a tool I found my Embellie Gellie and without even trying, it took the large wood mounted stamp out easily!

How easy is this!

  You can see how I took out what I needed and the products saved the day once again. You really need to visit the ScraPerfect site and BUY! You will not be sorry you did!

 Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!