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The Little Things – Oct 12th 2013

Evenin All

I made these great little Halloween journal tickets between last night and tonight after I continued work on bigger things. I just needed to do something small and satisfying. I used these cartoon like  Studio G stamp sets I got on clearance and after three I had a genius attack! I left the tear off piece on the bottom of the ticket to make a little stand! In the photos it looks like it leaning on the Distress ink pads but it’s not! When I made the little skeleton girl I used Distress markers to make it look like a stage at school, it looks better in person of course. The possibilities with these are endless and I wish I could have found a mummy; always my favorite. But maybe on EBAY I will find it and others too!

 This little exercise made me think of how big fun can be had with little stamp sets and small ideas. So I will go back to work and listen to some more Rilo Kiley.


Stampfully Yours